29-30 Oct 2015 Paris 12 (France)

Workshop organized by Gaute Einevoll (UMB) and Alain Destexe (CNRS UNIC).


Registrations are open.

It is free however mandatory.


In this workshop, we would like to review experimental and theoretical work on the biophysical bases of the local field potential (LFP) signal. 

We will examine different physical processes, such as ionic diffusion or electric-field effects, and how such mechanisms contribute to the LFP, and whether it is important to take into account in models, and for what purpose.

 Participants :
- Thierry Bal (CNRS UNIC)

- Boris Barbour (ENS)
- Alain Destexhe (CNRS UNIC)
- Gaute Einevoll (UMB)
- Tommaso Fellin (ITT)
- Geir Halnes (UMB)
- Espen Hagen (Jülich)
- Oscar Herreras (Cajal Institute)
- Junji Ito (Jülich)
- Szymon Leski  (Nencki)
- Matthew Nelson (INSERM CEA)
- Torbjorn Ness (UMB)
- Laurent Venance (College de France)

- Bartosz Telenczuk (CNRS UNIC).



9h: welcome coffee & croissants

9h30: introduction by Gaute Einevoll and Alain Destexhe

10h00: Oscar Herreras (Cajal Institute)
10h30: Thierry Bal (CNRS UNIC)

11h00: coffee break

11h30: Boris Barbour (ENS)
12h00: Alain Destexhe (CNRS UNIC)

12h30: lunch

14h00: Matthew Nelson (INSERM CEA)
14h30: Gaute Einevoll (UMB)
15h00: Tommaso Fellin (ITT)

15h30: coffee break

16h00: Geir Halnes (UMB)
16h30: Espen Hagen (Jülich)
17h00: Laurent Venance (College de France)


9h30: Junji Ito (Jülich)
10h00: Szymon Leski (Nencki)

10h30: coffee break

11h00: Torbjorn Ness (UMB)
11h30: Bartosz Telenczuk (CNRS UNIC)

12h00: general discussion, continuing over lunch
14h00 end of the conference





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